Sustainable and efficient solutions

Schneider Process Automation is a start-up company. We committed ourselves to build an innovative and fast growing organization, which assists companies from the industrial sector in establishing sustainable and efficient solutions in the area of process automation.

According to the Shared-Value[1] concept, we want to make a corresponding social and economic contribution. Economically and ecologically sustainable concepts are therefore the stated objectives of the company. We want to achieve this through the creation of a company, in which a motivated and free-thinking team culture prevails. Beside the social and economic aspects, it is an important assessment criterion that the future product portfolio of our customers has an even better ecological footprint.

[1]„The Shared-Value concept includes guidelines and practices, which increase the competitiveness of a company and at the same time improve the economic and social conditions of the community, in which it operates. Thereby one focuses on the identification and strengthening of the connection between social and economic progress. The concept is based on the assumption, that both economic as well as social questions should be asked when it comes to values. Value in that context is the achieved advantage in relation to the costs. The concept of value creation is broadly established in the economy – profits are the revenues received from customers less the costs. However, social questions only get rarely analysed from companies in the context with values, which conceals the connection between social and economic progress.”

(Harvard Business Manager; Wirtschaft Neu Denken; Edition 3/2012)