The Challenge

Companies from the chemical or pharmaceutical industry are exposed to global competition.

Despite a comparatively long product life cycle chemical products are endangered due to substitution- or complementary goods.

By contrast, pharmaceutical products are protected by long patent rights. However, they come along with high costs of investment.

For these reasons, efficient, highly available and flexible production facilities are a crucial competitive factor. Automated systems and related services play an essential role here. Beside the relieve of humans from dangerous and exhausting operations, quality assurance and an increase in the performance of production facilities constitute the motivation for automated systems.

The Goals

The simplification
of complex systems

The improvement
in product quality

The associated increase
in productivity

The Future

Due to increasing production costs, sustainable solutions play an even more important role regarding investment decisions. Beside monetary arguments also questions concerning environmental pollution gain in importance. Sustainable concepts then again support public acceptance, improve the image of the company and provide answers for significant questions in the future.

How can we ensure, that future generations can live on earth, as we do it today?

Because of that, Schneider Process Automation emphasizes customer specific and especially sustainable concepts throughout the entire life cycle of a production facility.